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  • Governor Signs AB 1963 Extending Deadline for Approval of Long-Range Property Management Plans and Limiting Scope of State Controller Review of Property Transfers
    On July 18, 2014, the Governor signed into law Assembly Bill 1963 (Atkins) (Chapter 146, Statutes of 2014). The bill was adopted as an urgency measure, and goes into immediate effect. Read More
  • July 2014 Prison Break - Correctional Liability Update
    Hot Topic: Treatmetn of Transgender Prisoners
    Ninth Circuit Revives Lawsuit Challenging Single-Sex Policies in Jails
    The Ninth Circuit (Finally) Holds That State Officials Cannot Be Sued For Monetary Damages Under RLUIPA
    Brown v. Oregon Department of Corrections: Segregated Confinement Without "Periodic and Meaningful Review" Violates Due Process Rights
    A Potential Tool For Dodging Inmate SLAPPS Read More
  • Governor Brown Signs Assembly Bill 215, Revising Portions of Dismissal and Suspension Statutes for Certificated Employees Read More
  • June 2014 Prison Break - Correctional Liability Update
    Newspaper Forces Disclosure of Peace Officers' Names
    Prisoner Class Action Case Update
    George v. Edholm: Ninth Circuit Probes into Officer Liability for Medical Rectal Exams Read More
  • Q & A: Harassment Prevention Training and Special Districts
    CSDA recently spoke with Burke partners Traci I. Park and Kelly A. Trainer about AB 1825 Harassment Prevention Training and special districts.  This article provides answers to some of your most pressing questions. Read More