Burke achieves nearly $1 million jury verdict against fraudulent insureds


In Lincoln Benefit Life Company v. Alexander Dallal & Claire Dallal, USDC Central District of California Case No. CV 16-9307 MWF (Ex), a case of first impression in the country, Lincoln Benefit established that the Dallals had fraudulently procured long-term care benefits for 12 years.


As this was a case of first impression, our attorneys could not rely on existing case law to prepare their arguments.


Burke partners Melissa M. Cowan and Keiko J. Kojima represented our client during a 2 1/2 week jury trial.


The federal jury unanimously awarded $619,290.49 in fraud damages and $300,000 in punitive damages. The jury also found Mr. Dallal did not qualify for policy benefits on any policy grounds and rejected the Dallals’ statute of limitations defense.