August 2018

Aftermath of the Janus v. AFSCME Decision

The Authority, California JPIA Newsletter Issue 78

Joel Moon, Kelly A. Trainer

August 2018

Understanding Dynamex: The Public Employer Perspective

The Authority, California JPIA Newsletter Issue 78

Daphne M. Anneet

May 4, 2018

Gender Issues from the Law and Order Perspective

League of California Cities Conference (authored written materials)

Kristina Doan Strottman

May 2018

Preparing for Changes: California Legislative Update

The Authority, California JPIA Newsletter Issue 75

Joel Moon, Kelly A. Trainer

April 4, 2018

Chico Unified Board Approves Blue Oak Charter Renewal

Chico Enterprise-Record (cited)

John R. Yeh

February 2018

Charter Schools Must Obtain Approval of Additional School Sites through a Material Revision, Not Renewal, of their Charter

John R. Yeh

Charter schools seeking approval of additional school sites must do so through a material revision of their charter, and not through the charter renewal process, a California Court of Appeal has ruled.

February 2018

Is Your Harassment Prevention Training Legally Compliant?

The Burke Beat

Traci I. Park, Kelly A. Trainer, Meaghan A. Snyder

February 2018

Three Keys to Preventing Workplace Harassment: Training, Leadership and Accountability

California Special District Magazine

Traci I. Park, Kelly A. Trainer


Brown Act Compliance Manual for Special Districts

California Special Districts Association

Donald M. Davis, Kane Thuyen

This manual provides special districts with guidelines and tips for complying with the various meeting agenda, notice, public participation, and public reporting requirements of the Brown Act.

December 14, 2017

New Bill Reflects California’s Desire to Change Outdated Workplace Norms

Sexual harassment in the workplace isn’t a novel issue.  But in conjunction with the fall of Harvey Weinstein and the rise of the #metoo movement, researchers are finding out just how much it happens. Everywhere.

November 2017

2018 Brings New Restrictions on Public Employers' Inquiries Into Salary History and Conviction History

Katy A. Suttorp, Kelly A. Trainer

Last month, Governor Brown signed two pieces of legislation, which involve changes to the types of information employers may seek from applicants in the hiring process, and when certain information may be considered in the hiring decision.  We offer a brief overview of both bills and identify recommended steps for public employers to consider now in preparation for hiring after January 1, 2018.