Winning Trial Practices: How to Tackle Your Opponent's Expert Through Cross-Examination


Winning Trial Practices: How to Tackle Your Opponent’s Expert Through Cross-Examination

Dec 06, 2016

Beverly Hills Bar Association

The success or decimation of an expert’s testimony will often influence whether a jury awards damages or delivers a defense verdict. This interactive program pairs experienced trial attorneys with an economist, psychologist and psychiatrist for a live demonstration of the art of cross-examination of the adverse expert witness.

This program is essential for all litigators and will show you:

  • How to refute assumed or foundational facts in order to discredit the expert
  • Best methods to cross-examine an expert in plain English
  • How to expose vulnerabilities and the effective use of a hypothetical questions
  • What to do when an expert witness is being evasive or defiant
  • How to handle an opposing counsel who is bullying your witness