PERB, Court and Legislative Developments Affecting HR


PERB, Court and Legislative Developments Affecting HR

Oct 03, 2018

ACSA Personnel Institute

Presented by Janae Novotny

In this annual lively and interactive session, we will provide vital information about new developments from PERB, the Courts, and the Legislature that you need to continue to manage your human resources responsibilities effectively.  Although the Supreme Court’s Janus decision and related developments have been the focus of attention, you will want to learn about recent court decisions on teacher dismissals, administrator reassignments to the classroom and the impact of a “reasonable accommodation” leave of absence on an employee’s probationary period.  We will help you to understand the impact of these developments on your own practice so that you can avoid inadvertently committing unfair practices, and avoid unnecessary delays as you implement your District’s LCAP and make other changes to respond to new legal requirements.

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