2015 Legal Trends


2015 Legal Trends

Nov 04, 2015

Burke,  Williams  &  Sorensen,  LLP  is  pleased  to  present  its  8th  Edition  of  Legal  Trends.  This edition continues the tradition of producing Legal Trends which was started by the law firm of Kay & Stevens 20 years ago prior to their attorneys joining Burke in June of 2008.  The purpose of Legal Trends  remains  to  inform  public  sector  employers  about  key  areas  of labor  and  employment  law, and to inform public agencies about new developments in these areas of law.

With  over  100  attorneys  in  nine  offices  throughout  California,  Burke  has  a  remarkable combination of experience in California public labor relations and employment law, involving the representation  of  numerous  cities,  school  districts,  community  college  districts,  and  other  public entities.  Burke will continue to provide this vital publication to public sector employers in the years to  come.  This  new  edition  continues  to  provide  the  insightful  and  concise  information  you  have come to rely on from Legal Trends.