Choose Your Own Disability Adventure


Choose Your Own Disability Adventure

Dec 11, 2018

PARMA Holiday Chapter Event
Orange County Conference Center

CALPELRA 2017 Annual Training Conference
Monterey Conference Center – December 8, 2017

CALPELRA 2016 Annual Training Conference
Monterey Conference Center – November 3, 2016

This session is different than other sessions. There are dangers, choices, exploits, and consequences. The audience and the audience alone is in charge of what happens. You will be presented with options – some of them good, some of them not so good – and you must select our path. You must use your numerous talents and enormous intelligence. The wrong decision could end in disaster – even litigation! But, don’t despair. You will have the collective wisdom of a room full of risk management and human resources professionals to help you find the right path as you take on the role of the intrepid Human Resources/Risk Management Director in the City of Adventure, California.

Adventure’s Finance Manager, Fiona, has developed a serious medical issue and turns to you for help. Your boss, and hers, Sheldon, the Assistant City Manager, don’t always appreciate the nuances of leave and disability issues in California. And other obstacles are always lurking in the shadows… Will Fiona need a leave of absence? Will Sheldon retaliate against Fiona? Will Fiona’s performance issues finally reveal themselves? Will Sheldon let Fiona work? Will Fiona abuse her leave? Will there be a reasonable accommodation for Fiona? Will you be able to guide the City of Adventure without getting sued? The fate of Adventure rests in your hands! Join us if you dare!