Race Time Decisions: Choose Your own Discipline Adventure


Race Time Decisions: Choose Your own Discipline Adventure

Sep 20, 2018

23rd Annual California JPIA Risk Management Educational Forum

Presented by Traci Park and Kelly Trainer

The audience, and the audience alone, is in charge of what happens in this session.  As part of the audience, you will be presented with options – some of them good, some of them not so good – and you must select our path.  You must use your numerous talents and enormous intelligence.  There will be dangers, choices, exploits, and consequences.  The wrong decision could end in disaster – even litigation!  But, don’t despair.  The collective wisdom of a room full of brilliant Forum attendees will help you find the right path as you take on the role of the intrepid Human Resources Director at Adventure City who is faced with pending disciplinary action against a difficult employee.  Topics covered could include:

  • Common pitfalls in discipline,
  • Preparing for claims of retaliation, and
  • Due process issues

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