Environmental, Land Use, and Natural Resources

Environmental, Land Use, and Natural Resources

The Environmental, Land Use and Natural Resources Group draws upon the wealth of experience of our attorneys across the firm’s various practice groups. Our interdisciplinary approach provides comprehensive representation on the myriad federal and state environmental, land use, and natural resource issues confronting our public and private sector clients.

The Group has substantial experience representing clients at both the federal and state level in regulatory compliance, administrative actions, and litigation in virtually every sector of federal and state environmental, land use, and natural resource law.

The Group also is uniquely positioned to address clients’ projects, whether large or small, on every phase – from idea, to planning, to implementation, to successful conclusion. Whether you are faced with an environmental, planning, land use, NEPA, CEQA, water, contract, or funding issue, we can assist you in effectively and efficiently achieving your goal.

Critical to any real estate proposal or development project is a comprehensive understanding of applicable state and local land-use requirements, as well as the complex web of environmental laws and regulations that may apply to the project at both the state and federal levels. Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP offers its clients experience and knowledge of these areas at the highest level.

Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP’s public law, real estate, and environmental lawyers have a profound understanding of land use and environmental law, backed by years of experience involving dozens of projects. Our lawyers provide advice on land use and environmental issues to public entities and to private landowners and developers. In addition to counseling our clients in these areas, Burke attorneys negotiate and prepare whatever reports and other documents are necessary to the approval process. When necessary, our lawyers zealously represent the firm’s public and private clients in both administrative proceedings and in state and federal courts.