Burke Assists City Of Santa Clara In Bringing City Place To Life


The City Place project is slated to be located on approximately 240 acres of city-owned land across from Levi’s Stadium, much of which is a former landfill. The project is anticipated to include up to 1,680 residential units, 6.8 million square feet of office, retail, and hotel space, a large new city park and a relocated fire station. At full buildout, it is expected to contribute almost $17 million annually to Santa Clara’s General Fund.


San José had alleged several deficiencies in Santa Clara’s compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”), including issues related to traffic, air quality, biological resources, hazardous materials, water supply, and jobs-housing balance. San José also challenged Santa Clara’s determination that the project was consistent with the jobs-housing policy set forth in its General Plan, which was amended as part of the entitlements process.


Prior to defending Santa Clara in the lawsuit, Burke’s land use attorneys spent several years helping Santa Clara with the creation and processing of the necessary entitlements, the conduct and substance of CEQA review, and negotiation and documentation of the business terms leading up to the City Council’s approval of the project in June 2016. Burke took a leading role in tackling a wide range of challenges associated with the project, including the production of a complex CEQA document, master planning of the large urban development, and establishing a public-private partnership that is expected to last for over a century.


Burke assisted in securing a key judgment in favor of the City of Santa Clara, against a CEQA challenge brought by the neighboring City of San José over a 9-million-square-foot, 6.5 billion-dollar development known as City Place Santa Clara.